Tarmac is a commonly used phrase for asphaltic concrete, which is a hardwearing surfacing material that can be flexibly applied for many uses. This material is one of the most favourable bituminous resources, being used widely for Private Roads, playgrounds, Car parks and pavements.  There are many different specifications of Tarmac to choose from each with unique properties designed for a specific purpose.

Tarmac specs range from:

Clear Binder Tarmac
Coloured Tarmac
Heavy-Duty Tarmac
Playground Tarmac
Porous Tarmac
Glow in the Dark Tarmac
Fuel and Solvent Resistant Tarmac
Acid Resistant Tarmac
Specialist Sports Tarmac

Before deciding which material is best for you; the following questions need to be addressed:

  1. Traffic type being either pedestrian, light vehicle or HGV (maybe combined).
  2. Do you have an adequate sub-base or overlaying surface?
  3. Will the current drainage system be able to sustain the amount of stormwater run-off once surfacing is complete?
  4. Can the necessary falls be achieved to prevent water pooling?
  5. Do you require a high friction surface do prevent fall or injury (gradients)?
  6. Is there room for surfacing machinery to operate?

These are essential factors that we will take into consideration and advise you on during your free-no obligation site survey.

The size of the area to be surfaced will determine the method of application at Blue Rock; we have mini pavers, large pavers and a fully dedicated hand lay team, who dedicate themselves to diligent workmanship.

Tarmac can be used to overlay deteriorated surfaces such as concrete or tarmac, before the overlay the surface must be thoroughly cleaned, crack damaged repaired and a CB.

Where is Tarmac suitable?

Can be used practically anywhere where there is a sub-base.

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