Supermarkets & Superstore Car Parks Resurfacing

We frequently partner with Matalan, Tesco and B&M to tend to all resurfacing needs.

Blue Rock Group have a track record of supplying high-quality Tarmac and Asphalt surfaces to Car Parks, underground Car Parks and footpaths while abiding health and safety regulations.

Downtime is a significant issue for Superstores, so more often than not, we carry out the surfacing during the night or out of hours. On occasions, if an area can be safely secured, the surfacing can be completed during regular working hours.

The preferred choice of material with most commercial surfacing projects is Stone Mastic Asphalt 50 pen industrial. This material is designed to sustain high traffic load and constant friction, we have laid this material in Wicks stores over central London years ago, and still to this day it’s showing no signs of wear.

We also offer a patch repair service, where we plane out the damaged material and reinstate a new surface. It can be restored in a short time using planers and Tarmac pavers.

At Blue Rock Group, we run a fleet of machinery including planers of various sizes and small to large pavers. Our smallest planer can remove strips of tarmac 350mm wide our largest goes up to 1metre.

Car Parks need parking bays, and there’s no better time than the same day of surfacing that way the surface is 100% free from contaminants and dust. This creates a good bond, and it saves further downtime. At Blue Rock Group Ltd, we have our line marking apparatus to ensure speedy completion.

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