Superstore Service Yards Surfacing

At Blue Rock Group, we not only surface superstore car parks, but we also surface service yards. The service yard is a primary function of the whole store, with deliveries going in and out every day. Usually, by the time we are called into resurfacing these areas, they are worn to the point of no return.

It’s a case of planning and reinstating. Most service yards are formerly concrete and are laid in sections. Concrete is hardwearing, but the downside is there is no flexibility within the material. Ground movement, heavy traffic loads and harsh weather conditions over time cause fractures and cracks.

Concrete can be overlaid with high specification stone mastic asphalt. We do this by stabilising the pavement first with a SAMI or stress absorbing membrane interlayer. This involves filling in expansion joints then spray applying a hot bitumen matt to the total area usually a K170 via a tar tanker.

A reinforced fabric sheet known as (Glass-Tex) is forced onto the bitumen via a specially designed machine. The bitumen does partly penetrate the fabric, creating a solid bond between the asphalt and the concrete.

The SAMI stabilises the complete area, helping to prevent future cracking of the stone mastic asphalt. If the yard is relatively straightforward and there aren’t any awkward areas to hand lay; we can we usually surface plane out and resurface up to two thousand square metres in a single site visit.

In most cases, we are asked to surface service yards over weekends, but we can also arrange night shifts during busy periods if required.  Having resurfaced service yards for B&Q, Wicks, Travis Perkins and many more – we back up all our work with a 5-year Guarantee.

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