Private Estate Roads

At Blue Rock Group, we have been privileged to partner with many privately owned Estate owners. Some of our clients are famous musicians, Lords and wealthy landowners; we even partner with the Crown Estate Paving commission based in Regents Park.

A lot of estates usually have one or more listed buildings, so any new surface has to be in keeping and what many refer to as a ‘heritage look’. With large areas over a thousand square metres, many clients opt for a tar and gravel surface dressing. When laid correctly it presents a natural gravel finish and is very cost effective; there are many-coloured gravel available quarried at different parts of the UK.

Increasing in popularity is also natural asphalt material with all the benefits of conventional asphalt but with the appearance of light coloured gravel. However when newly laid is more like a medium brown until oxidization takes place, it usually takes around six months before you see the true colour of natural asphalt.

Also, there is Resin Bound Gravel, a small few find this product synthetic looking, but when laid correctly offers arguably the best looking finish available of any paving product. Resin-bound gravel is relatively hard wearing, but it’s not designed to take heavy traffic despite many what many companies portray for Driveways it’s excellent, but you need to consider life span if truck and farm machinery will be running over it.

At Blue Rock Group we specialise in the surfacing of all three of the above materials and are renowned for quality workmanship.

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