At Blue Rock Group we cover all aspects of groundworks and site clearance. We can start from scratch, carrying out excavations, sub-base construction, drainage and kerb installations

With any surface, the strength and longevity rely substantially on the built-up sub-base  It’s vital to high-grade source aggregates which won’t break down such as MOT Type 1 or crushed concrete and they need to be consolidated correctly to avoid future subsidence.

Sub-base Construction:

Before we initiate the project, our team will visit your property and carry out an adept survey to examine the condition and size of the excavation site. This way, we can work around any identifiable obstacles and plan the most productive approach to overcome any issues.

Once we have excavated the area, we typically use a Geo-Textile Membrane to prevent contamination between the new stone and the sub-strata. We then set profiles to laser-level to ensure that there will be a consistent depth with all the rock that is laid while guaranteeing sufficient falls to reduce water-pooling.

We use a crushed concrete, followed by MOT Type 1 Granular Sub-Base for porous surfaces.

Once the stone has been graded to the correct level, we then achieve proper compaction by using a sizeable Vibratory Roller, we do this to attain, maximum dry density. Once the groundwork is consolidated, we then mark out the area with a spray-paint to navigate the Paver, thus reducing visible joints.


With most of our surfacing projects, Blue Rock Group has experienced contractors at hand to apply different types of edging, from HGV Titans to Path Edging. Our services cover both commercial and domestic requirements, whether the purposes be functionality or decoration. A kerb can improve the visual aspects of a surfacing project; therefore we take the time to achieve a simultaneous kerb that meets specifications.


A fully functional drainage system is a legal requirement in the centre point of many surfacing projects; this prevents flood risks and maintains the condition of the surface. We plan and install complete drainage systems, including; Linear Channels, Slit Boxes, Gullies and Storm crates.


Although we don’t directly deal with electrical installations for lighting, we can supply and install ducting if required.

Bollards and Signage

Blue Rock Group also installs a range of timber and galvanised-steel bollards to allow for access control or to meet decorative purposes.

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